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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pacers 57, Sixers 49, Iguodala minus-12

It's halftime, and this much is certain: Andre Iguodala isn't helping the Sixers. They have looked awful when he has been on the court, and he is showing the frustration. In the 13 minutes he has been on the court, the Sixers have been outscored by 12 points. In the 11 minutes he was on the bench, they outscored the Pacers by four points. And it isn't tough to see how his rust is causing a domino effect with his teammates. He has never been a very productive halfcourt offense guy, and when he's rusting and limited with his quickness he's practically worthless. And even his defense has been pretty shoddy. He's just not ready.

If Collins wants to win this game, he needs to tell Iguodala to take a seat.


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