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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Collins on Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin is putting up huge numbers in Take 2 of his rookie season with the Clippers, but the top overall pick of the 2009 draft is playing for a team that entered Wednesday night 5-20 with no road wins.

Doug Collins was the top overall pick in a draft, had an early injury issue like Griffin (who missed all of last season with a shredded knee) and was drafted by a team that had the worst record in NBA history. So he can relate to Griffin in a lot of ways. However, when it comes to the notion that it's a curse when a top pick puts up big numbers for a terrible team, Collins doesn't buy it.

"I didn't put up huge numbers like he is (as a rookie)," Collins said, "but three, four years after I got here we were in the NBA Finals. So I think that curse stuff can be overrated. What you have to do is put some good seasons together. Blake is a terrific player, and (the Clippers) have some talent. They've just been snake-bitten by some injuries. (Chris) Kaman has been hurt, Baron Davis has been out ..."


Anonymous Fiorenza-Dowlin said...

Collins is doing a good job at this point.

December 30, 2010 at 10:33 AM 

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