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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Greetings from PCOM in a completely unreachable section of Philadelphia! So, anything been happening in the world of sports today?
If you can stop crying into the sleeve of your completely worthless Mike Richards sweater for a while, I'll be making live updates and comments on the draft here until it comes time to start writing about the Sixers' selection.

Keep refreshing this page and I'll keep typing away. Let's do this ...

1. Cleveland: Kyrie Irving, Duke. Well, the Cavs deserve to eternally stink for this. You can find 10-12 point guards like him in the league, and usually this type of guy goes in the 8-14 range. Much rather have Williams & then Knight at No. 4. Dummies.

2. Minnesota: Derrick Williams, Arizona. OMG THE WOLVES ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING RIGHT IN A DRAFT. Wes Unseld could've gotten that one right.

3 Utah: Enes Kanter, Turkey (Kentucky, kind of). Solid pick. Dude is a horse. Comparing him to Horford might be a little excessive, but then again the person who said that works for ESPN, so ...

4. Cleveland: Tristan Thompson, Texas. It's official: Cavs have butchered this draft. This dude's best offensive asset is that he gets to the line a lot, yet he is a TERRIBLE free-throw shooter. That is useless in my book. Sorry.

5. Toronto: Jonas Valanciunas, Lithuania. That's proper. He's actually a center, unlike Bargnani.

6. Washington: Jan Vesely, Czech Republic. It isn't clear how talented a pro this guy will be. What is absolutely clear is his lady friend is perhaps the most attractive 6-6 woman in history.

7. Sacramento: Bismack Biyombo, Congo. Hey, the only thing working against him is that he has absolutely no offensive skills whatsoever. The Bobcats are actually getting this pick, proving Michael Jordan should've quot while he was the greatest player in history.

8. Detroit, Brandon Knight, Kentucky. He slipped a bit. Think the Pistons got nice value here. Certainly isn't this much distance between him and Irving when it comes to potential.

9. Charlotte: Kemba Walker, UConn. Undersized point guard. Hard worker, but he's going to have a hard time guarding in the NBA.

10. Milwaukee: Jimmer Fredette, BYU. This is actually the Kings' pick. Sac-town has a backcourt in Fredette and Tyreke Evans that will score a lot and give up even more points.

Still no Kahwi Leonard ...

11. Golden State: Klay Thompson, Wash St. This is setting up well for the Sixers ...

12. Utah: Alec Burks, Colorado. Now it is REALLY setting up well for the Sixers.

13. Phoenix: Markieff Morris, Kansas. Wow, the Morris brother everyone said would be taken later in the draft does first.

14. Houston: Marcus Morris, Kansas. That was the team thought to be the one which might snag a big man ahead of the Sixers. They are getting a big guy. Montiejunas?


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Michael Jordan....bad drafter

June 23, 2011 at 8:28 PM 
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Jan Vesely's girl is really attractive and i think he is pretty talented too.

August 31, 2011 at 9:59 PM 
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