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Monday, November 30, 2009

Iverson, Sixers meet

Allen Iverson, his agent and his manager sat down with four 76ers reps in Dallas this afternoon to discuss a potential return to Philly for the aging star -- perhaps the only place where the aging star with the sullied rep could possibly play at this point.

It wasn't a surprise to hear that GM Ed Stefanski, coach Eddie Jordan and assistant GM Tony DiLeo were at the meeting. The name that was interesting is assistant coach Aaron McKie, who had his crumbling NBA career revived when Larry Brown acquired the Temple product and found a way for him to thrive playing alongside The Answer.

Now it is McKie who is playing a significant voice in whether the Sixers sign Iverson. If they do, McKie would serve as an incredibly crucial conduit between AI and Jordan, who doesn't have any rapport with Iverson.

If Iverson returns to Philly and can perform well and fit in well, much of the credit for making it work almost certainly would go to McKie, and that could give a big boost to his coaching reputation.

Stay tuned.


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